November 2016 Newsletter

App released for Cyrus ONE

Good News! We’ve just released a Cyrus One app which is available now on the Apple Store and on Google Play. You will also need to update the firmware on your Cyrus ONE,which can be performed at home with a USB to mini USB cable. The software and instructions can be found here or you can take your unit along to your authorised Cyrus dealer who will be happy to update it for you.

CYRUS CDi Hero no badge newsletter

What Hi-Fi? Awards

This year, Cyrus achieved another milestone, winning the CD Player of the year award for the third year running. The largest awards of their kind in the world, their impact is felt through global sales and brand impact.

To quote What Hi-Fi? “We’re hugely impressed with the CDi and are confident you won’t find a more entertaining, more revealing player until you near the £1500 mark”


Indulgence show

The first large London show in a couple of years, the industry breathed a collective sigh of relief with the good chaps from Unilet providing the heavy lifting. Cyrus were present with a strong room…

We were showcasing Cyrus ONE’s versatility with a directly connected turntable (Project Expression Carbon) as well having 6 units running a variety of headphones. Show visitors could also listen to tracks via Tidal or through streamer, using their own portable device and the inbuilt AptX Bluetooth.

With Cyrus ONE at the heart of the party in the demo room we were driving Totem Acoustics Metal loudspeakers.


The Audiophile man – Cyrus ONE review

The ONE’s focus and accuracy is a wondrous element of its sonic personality

The internal phono amp is a nice addition while the ONE’s implementation of Bluetooth is refreshing. Easy to use, it will be even easier to buy. This is a quality unit and anyone looking to build a budget system would be foolish to ignore it.

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Hi-Fi Choice review on Cyrus ONE

Cyrus may have been inspired to appeal to a new, younger ‘enlightened’ audience that wants plug and play simplicity for vinyl, streamed and line sources, but the level of performance it has achieved within a single svelte box for a modest price, means seasoned audiophiles should be tempted. Thoroughly recommended.”

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